Baby Bailey is on the way!


Yee haw, those little cowboy boots will be filled this coming November, because we are so excited to announce that we’re having a baby! We feel so, so blessed by this new bundle of joy, and it’s only a 12 week old, plum-sized growing baby in Ashley’s belly right now. Among being excited, we’re a bit nervous, frequently tired and sometimes nauseous (ok, that last two are just Ashley). Meanwhile, Austin has been the oh so helpful husband, taking over all household chores, including grocery shopping and dinner, as Preggers comes home from work pretty zonked every day. But we know this will soon pass and as we welcome in summer vacation, we gladly welcome the return of energy the second trimester should bring.


To answer a few of your first reaction questions…

– I’m 12 1/2 weeks today.

– I’m due November 28 (that’s right, Thanksgiving Day! We’ll surely have a lot to be thankful for this year. It’s also one day after my mom’s birthday.)

– We want to find out the gender and are thinking of a gender-reveal shower.

– We have a few names in mind, but no one will know until the baby is born.

– I’m feeling much better than I have been in the past few weeks and it’s a small miracle I made it through without bursting out, shouting “I’m pregnant, so I’m tired, nauseous and emotional, ok?! Please leave me alone!”

– Of course I’m taking a leave, but I’ll keep teaching after Baby B gets here.

BMP_0379 BMP_0392

And yes, while this is all very exciting (we must say the 8 week ultrasound was pretty awesome to see the arms fluttering and the heart beating!), it’s also really nerve-wracking and scary as we set out on this new adventure. So please, keep us in your prayers!


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One response to “Baby Bailey is on the way!

  1. I literally giggled with glee through this whole post! I am beyond excited for you THREE and I know you will be excellent parents. Love you!!

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